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Faith Strong 501c3 provides the assistance necessary to make survival a reality for breast cancer patients.  Each year in the United States, about 255,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women and about 2,300 in men. Recognizing the unique need for a patient and family support program, Faith Strong provides diverse services to enhance the quality of life for patients and family members while they navigate the complexities of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

If you are need assistance or other services, please contact us for more information for our program and eligibility.  If you are ready to apply or would like to refer someone to our agency, please CONTACT US.

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BREASTies Support Group

The BREASTies Support Group (BSG) helps women and their families by offering a safe place to share feelings and emotions as they navigate through a cancer diagnosis and recovery.  BSG is staffed by our team members and volunteers. We also host a variety of social outings and events to connect with other BREASTies and strengthen our relationships.

BREASTies Suppot Group
BREASTie Assisance Program


Chemotherapy Snack Bags

Each month, we provide Snack Bags filled with healthy snacks, motivational quotes, and other items to provide HOPE for individuals as they engage in treatment. 

Thriver Bags

Faith Strong provides a Thriver bag to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer who enroll in our program and participates with our support group via in-person or via Zoom.  


Community Education & Outreach

Education and Awareness are essential for knowledge regarding Breast Cancer. We provide Breast Cancer Education for Individuals affected (and their families), Providers, and the Community at large. We also host Town Hall Meetings, Community Events, & Webinars.  

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Faith, Hope, & Love Mail

The Faith, Hope & Love Mail has the ability to encourage women diagnosed with Breast Cancer to continue the FIGHT! On a monthly basis Faith Strong sends handwritten messages of Faith, Hope & Love to women diagnosed with breast cancer. Every letter is a token to a woman going through a difficult time. Similar to the post office, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will stop these letters from appointed purpose.

We Need Your Support Today!

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