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"We were all created to be an Angel one to another."


Thank you for your interested in becoming a Faith Strong Angel to be a blessing to someone diagnosed and actively in treatment for Breast Cancer. We welcome everyone in our community to volunteer with Faith Strong as a “Faith Strong Angel”. The “Faith Strong Angel” initiative provides basic necessities, holiday gifts, gas & gift cards, clothing, motivational words, and much more to those impacted by “Breast Cancer”.


Please see a few FAQs regarding the Faith Angel Initiative:


What is a Faith Strong Angel?

A Faith Strong Angel is like a “Secret Santa” for women and men with Breast Cancer that are active in treatment.


How long is my commitment?

We ask that you commit to at least one year.

How are the BREASTies identified?

BREASTies can self-refer or a community partner can make a referral.

Child's hands hold beautiful pink gift box with ribbon and pink tulip flower. Top view, cl

What are the confidentiality rules?

You will remain anonymous.

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